About Us

Welcome to Love of Pink!!This is my dream come true!! I am a busy wife and mom of 3 little angels with a passion for fashion. My goal is to provide fun, stylish, and versatile tops for every woman to wear and feel comfortable in. I get so excited when I find unique shirts! My poor husband feels the brunt when I run in telling him about the adorable top and showing him pictures. He’s so sweet, he politely smiles, nods and agrees with me on how cute it is and goes back to watching his sports. Then I immediately imagine the shirts being delivered (at an affordable price) and seeing ladies sporting them around town! Most of these tops sell out fast, so I recommend grabbing your “must-haves” quickly! I wear a size small, so most of the smalls will go super fast cause I will snag one up for myself. I will do my best to reorder the quick selling shirts, but there is no guarantee that I can get the same tops again from the designers.

I love all of my tops and only carry items that I, myself, would wear. In fact, I bet I own almost every piece.

I created the “Passion for Fashion” membership as a great way to make every item that I carry obtainable for every woman. For $14.99 you receive a $25 shopping credit and additional discounts!!  An unbelievable deal!  You just have to sign up for your account to be auto drafted each month and then BOOM!! Free money!!


Thank you so much for looking through my items! I appreciate each and every customer and I have confidence that you will love your shopping experience.  I am always growing and changing to make Love of Pink the best store for you.




Meet our new photographer!! She does amazing work!! You can tell Hands down which pictures she has taken vs the ones my husband and I have done. 

My name is Rebecca. I am a California Native and I currently reside in Austin, TX. I attended the Art Institute to study Digital Photography, and I must admit it is my absolute passion. I love creativity and I love taking advantage of any opportunity to express it. My dream is to be a Fashion Photographer and one day expand my brand towards various forms of Photography. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. For all inquiries, please feel free to email me at Rwalker71088@gmail.com.  Shine on!

<3 Rebecca